Spacious and inviting . Presenting your home at it’s best . Stageing

By msquires June 5, 2018

The thing I hear the most from homeowners is that they were surprised that hiring stagers made such a difference.  Imagine though when YOU are LOOKING for a new house.  What do you notice first?  That is the kind of thing it can be hard to see when the home you are selling is yours!  Hiring a Stager brings in a fresh set of eyes in to evaluate how someone LOOKING for a house might see things.  Eyes that don’t know that big scuff on the playroom wall was Jill’s first slam dunk, or that the tatty quilt over the old lazy boy is Grandpas’ favorite place to sit when he comes up for summer.

But if you want to try to see what a BUYER might see one of the first things to look for is light and space.  One of the best ways to accentuate your space is eliminating clutter!  I have a stack of 6-10 books and magazines beside the bed at all times.  Those need to GO when showing your house! Piles of books, stacked stuff that goes somewhere else but no one knows where and a refrigerator covered in three years of school drawings make a house your home.  They, however, don’t help sell it!  Pack that stuff up, put it away and simplify everything for a less cluttered, more spacious feeling!


These first two examples are good.  Clean and not too cluttered, there aren’ a lot of piles or things in corners or under chairs.

These next to is what I aim for, I may not get here but this is the goal.  It looks clean and spacious, there is enough furniture and accoutrements to show how the home looks when lived in but there aren’t any books, papers, or the everyday ephemera that fills most spaces in our homes.


There is nothing wrong with empty, especially bathrooms and closets.  Clear it out if you can, paint it white and let the space sing its own praises.


More tips coming soon