Robocop statue lands new home downtown Detroit.

By msquires May 8, 2018


Curbed Detroit has a great little piece about a Detroit rumor circulated a couple years ago regarding immortalizing the character from the movie “Robocop” in the city “Detroit” the movie took place in.  Turns out the Kickstarter was a success.  Something that started out as a lark and has turned into a cool bit of pop art.

Back in 2011, a tweet to then-mayor Dave Bing led to a Kickstarter project that gained worldwide attention.

Detroit Needs a Statue of Robocop! on Kickstarter

Now the wait is finally over: the Robocop statue has found a home in Detroit.  Project organizers announced yesterday that the Robocop Statue will land at the Michigan Science Center.

The group that has put this all together and stuck it out for years announced in a statement on the Kickstarter page earlier this week :

The first steps took years, and then when the foam parts and armature arrived at the last bronze shop in Detroit it took years more. Some day we will probably write a book about all of it.

But most importantly, here is what you should know: through your contributions and faith, and through the hard work of many in Detroit and elsewhere, the RoboCop statue has found a home at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit’s Midtown Cultural Center Historic District.

That is going to be a must see when it is installed!